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Bold Vision theme: A city connecting people and places

by City Plan 2015, about 9 years ago

Working towards Bold Future headline target: By 2040, our efficient transport system and advanced communications network enable the shortest average travel time to work of any major city in Australia.

QUESTION: How will we make best use of the city's expanding transport, communication and social networks that link people, homes, workplaces, schools, communities and significant places locally and globally?

Proposed new planning scheme directions:

  • Variety of desirable environmentally-friendly modes of travel
  • Vibrant community and cultural hubs
  • Pride in heritage and diversity
  • Well connected locally and globally

You might like to consider and contribute ideas about this theme.

This consultation has concluded. Information about the consultation, forum comments and related documents are retained for your reference.

  • simbrook about 9 years ago
    How about our waterways? Seriously we lack any form of transport on the water. There are some many missed opportunities its not funny! From the north; Paradise Point, Runaway Bay Shopping Centre, Labrador, Broadwater Parklands, The Spit, Marina Mirage, Surfers Paradise, Bundall! How we don't have a water transport network I don't understand. Tourists, weekend trips, commuters and shoppers could all benefit from this! For a city to have more canals than Venice but not access to them confuses me.....!
  • about 9 years ago
    As I said before, we need more off road cycleways and ultimately a network that links all key areas. Planning laws should ensure that all new employment is located within a walk of public transport and that high density buildings are too.
  • Sonterbuilt almost 9 years ago
    The light rail is awesome! I think council planners are on the right track. Planning for the future around major rail stations is the way to go. High density house within walking distance will not only connect more people to more places it will also make housing more affordable. If people can live without a car this will increase people savings and opportunity for home ownership. If more people are using public transport it will increase social interaction. For example; two neighbours may catch the train at the same time each day to and from work. Walking to the station will encourage communication too, from and on the train. If the same two neighbours drove to work there will be no interaction.