How much does it cost to treat and care for a koala in hospital?

over 1 year ago

Anyone with a pet will know that a visit to the vet is not cheap. With advances in medicine and surgery, often what can be done to help animals today is only limited by the funds available to treat them.

The Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is very fortunate to have been donated a lot of its medical equipment, but it is the ongoing cost of medications, anaesthetics, medical disposables, and lab fees that really add up in a hospital treating over 9000 patients annually.

The cost involved in treating koalas is particularly extensive - ultrasound, laboratory testing, fluid therapy, medications and lots of fresh gum daily, is just a part of what is involved to care for these beautiful animals. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital spends on average more than $6000 on each koala patient that is admitted and costs add up very quickly.

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