Trial of New Koala Road Signs

about 1 year ago
Variable koala road sign

Koala vehicle strikes are common and a major contributor to the injury and death of koalas in the city. Koala vehicle strikes occur in both urban and rural areas. Unfortunately, records indicate the majority of koalas hit by vehicles die as a result of their injuries.

The City’s koala sightings database in conjunction with Wildcare Australia Inc. and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital records, indicate most koala vehicle strikes occur between June and January each year, peaking in August which coincides with the start of the breeding season.

During last year’s breeding season, the Vulnerable Species Management team together with the Transport and Traffic team, trialled the use of variable koala signs along roads identified as hot spot areas for koalas. This method of warning drivers to slow down has been well received and the team is currently working with Transport and Traffic to use these variable koala signs during this year’s breeding season.

Remember, if you see a koala please report it via the online koala sighting report form. This information will attribute to the ecological data that shapes the conservation measures we put in place across the City.