Wanted: Wildlife Carers

over 1 year ago
Ebeles joey

Wildcare Australia Inc. is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sick, injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife with the aim of returning them to the wild. With increasing pressure on wildlife in South-east Queensland from habitat fragmentation, isolation and degradation, vehicle strike, attack by domestic and disease, the number of rescues continues to increase and Wildcare Australia Inc. needs your help!

Have you ever wanted to play an important role to help save Australian native wildlife? Then become a wildlife volunteer! No experience necessary as Wildcare Australia Inc. provides training workshops where you will learn how to nurse sick and/or injured wildlife back to health.

If you are unable to house wildlife at your home your help is still needed for the important role of transporting wildlife and receiving calls through the wildlife hotline number. Be the first responder to a wildlife rescue or have the rewarding task of releasing an animal back into its natural environment.

To find out more about how you can help Wildcare Australia Inc. and how to become a member/volunteer, click here.

Click here for the current Wildcare Australia Inc. training workshop calendar.

Remember, if you find sick or injured wildlife please call the Wildcare Australia Inc. hotline on 07 5527 2444.