Are there any other themes that the Draft Plan should consider?

by Corpcom Bussup, almost 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
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This consultation was extended to Tuesday 31 December, 2013 and has closed.

  • Bryan over 6 years ago
    When we first came to The Gold Coast we were pleasantly surprised at the small amount of graffiti. Whereas, I know there are other cities that have a much bigger problem than we have, I would Like The Gold Coast { City Council } to work to eliminate graffiti and other forms of mindless vandalism, by promoting the better ambience of the City without these blights and also make a strong effort to catch and properly punish those [ir}responsible. No longer when somebody is caught allow them to claim " it was their first time", it was more than likely just the first time they were caught. Perhaps establish a reward for people providing information leading to a conviction, payable by the offender. Also, publish the names of those involved on a City "undesirable list" in the newspapers and on line.