Below are the key outcomes for theme two: 'Prosperity built on a strong diverse economy'. What three key outcomes below are the most important to you and why?

by Corpcom Bussup, almost 3 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
  1. our city fosters innovation and nurtures successful businesses
  2. we have a thriving cultural economy
  3. we have infrastructure that supports productivity and growth
  4. we are a city with a strong business environment
  5. we are a globally recognised tourism destination
  6. we are an emerging world-class business destination
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This consultation was extended to Tuesday 31 December, 2013 and has closed.

  • JanePo over 6 years ago
    The council has done some good work in starting to realise a “Digital” future for the Gold Coast, particularly with regard to the advice and recommendations from NICTA and their advocacy in the use of environmental sensors and data analytics. It is also encouraging to see that the Council is adopting an “Open Data” philosophy; this will boost transparency, information sharing and innovation. Great work by Economic Devt dept. working with industry as well! There are however a few areas of concern which may impact the roll out of some of the more ambitious projects. These concerns include: 1. NBN It is important that the roll out of NBN or ubiquitous high speed broadband is continued across all areas of the Gold Coast. There are still many areas of the Gold Coast (southern and hinterland) that suffer from poor internet connections both domestic and business. Poor internet speed not only impacts the delivery of council services but also the implementation of many other cost saving Federal and State based government initiatives and services. Fast and reliable upload speeds are essential for effective video conferencing, an important utility that will go a long way to mitigate the regional status of the Gold Coast. 2. Early Adopters Council has to recognise that it is the single largest user of information services on the Gold Coast. Start-up technology companies need to have access to early adopter pilot sites, this is essential for proof of concept and further sales and marketing opportunities outside of the region. There is an opportunity for council to adopt the same strategy as outlined in the Victorian Government Digital Strategy and to take a leadership role in supporting new and immerging technologies when appropriate